Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We've Got Magic to Do (aka Andrews and Puppini Sisters)

Early this morning I was looking for something either angry or funny to listen to while I was taking my shower and enjoying my breakfast. I was going to listen to my first Placebo album on Deezer when I searched for "The Andrews Sisters" instead of Placebo. I'm sure Freud would have much to say about that ! That's my favourite band so it's no surprise if deep inside what I really wanted this morning was some Andrews Sisters. In the "similar artists" category, I found an intriguing band, The Puppini Sisters. Catchy name ? Check. Great album cover ? Check. Clothes and style to die for ? Oh my, check (I'm quite obsessed with the 40s in terms of fashion). Music ? Check check check !

Why has nobody told me about them ? They're wonderful !

The Puppini Sisters

Anybody who does Andrews Sisters covers is well worthy of my attention. They've been my favourite band for some years now, their songs are tremendous fun, I love their silly lyrics and their unmistakable voices. Great music to dance to ! (now the only thing missing is someone to dance with)

Don't sit under the apple tree / With anyone else but me

If you want to buy a Andrews Sisters CD (and you should. seriously. NOW), I highly recommend this 4-cd collection. It's a strong selection of excellent titles. I also desperately want this one called Now is The Time (how true when it comes to their music, it's a music for those who want, for the duration of a song, live in the moment) which is the follow-up to the first one.

Now, the Puppini Sisters. They released two CDs, one in 2006 called Betcha Bottom Dollar (oh come onnnn just the title gives me the butterflies ) and one in 2007 (The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo). Sadly none was released this year. My favourite by far is the first one where they do many covers of classics. The second one is good too but has a broader area of interest and covers everything from Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (surprising cover) to the Bangles' Walk Like an Egyptian, all with swing arrangements. TRUE FIND !

And my very very dear Andrews Sisters :

Here's the Puppini Sisters' website (which is basically a list of things to buy for me, I love the design and the clothes) . And finally, I want to thank my very favourite show for introducing me to The Andrews Sisters in the first place. Gilmore Girls, you rock my socks !

Rory Gilmore, 6x05 We've Got Magic to Do