Sunday, December 14, 2008

Children's Books, David Bowie, Lauren Graham

I've been reading quite a few books these past few days. L'Ecole des Loisirs is a publishing company of books for children and I've been getting interested in them as of late. Their most famous author is Marie-Aude Murail by whom I've read Baby-Sitter Blues and Le Trésor de mon Père but I was disappointed, -perhaps it's aimed at younger children because the characterization is a joke, there barely is any description and I couldn't warm up to the characters even though the plot was good. I'm not done with her, she's written more than 80 books ! Marie Desplechin's La Prédiction de Nadia told the story of a shy boy, Samir, who one day is told by a seer that he's going to save a friend and become a hero. Of course, he's terrified and avoids people even better than before. But one day, he meets a man called Marc who's a Biology student and loves birds. Samir forgets what he was told and they become friends. I loved the characters and the story, although quite simple was believable. In Susie Morgenstern's L'Orpheline dans un Arbre, Clara wins a contest in which she had to describe the life of a Californian family. She's an orphan and wins a trip to California, hoping that she'll find there a family to love. But she discovers that she's going to live with an old man who lives alone : hardly a family at all. And yet... This was quite simply one of the best books for children I've read, I went through so many emotions and cried at the end. Once again, it's so believable and Morgenstern depicts incredible events in such a way you feel they're completely ordinary. I've saved the best for last : Malika Ferdjoukh's Quatre Soeurs series is the story of not four but five orphan sisters. It's SO well written I can't help but think that it's a children's book only because the main protagonists are children and teenagers. I'm lucky, I've only read the first two gems in the series, I still have Bettina and Geneviève, the third and fourth books respectively, to read. I can hardly wait !

I've also been listening to David Bowie's best of. It's surprisingly good, I thought I wouldn't like him. I guess you learn something new everyday !

In other news, I'm thrilled to report that Lauren Graham has finally been given another series. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like my cup of tea (it's a sitcom) :

ABC has given a production commitment to a new comedy starring Graham, who will play a self-help guru who teaches women how to live a stress-free life -- but struggles to follow her own advice when her boyfriend dumps her.

However, I'd watch anything with Lauren Graham. We're talking about one of the most underrated actresses ever. Gilmore Girls which is easily one of the best TV shows of all time didn't even get an Emmy nomination when it was on air and Lauren, of all people, didn't get one single Emmy either. It's a shame and I really really don't understand it. She's so talented and yet ever since GG was cancelled she's only been starring in movies directed by people who are clearly blind and don't see the potential. She's wonderful and she deserves a role with a little more meat to it. Oh and how I ship these two (it's okay to ship real people, I asked) :

Matthew Perry and Lauren Graham

Oh geez I don't care, it's my journal. Here's a picspam 'cause she's that fabulous :

And two interviews on Ellen 'cause that's where she's the funniest :